A single-use disposable bronchoscope has significant advantages related to reducing the risk of cross infection and ease of compliance with cleaning and disinfection regulations during non-working hours. Studies on the effectiveness of reprocessing techniques have shown failures that can occur even when current regulations are followed [1].

This makes single-use bronchoscopes preferable for patients at increased risk of infection, such as immunocompromised patients. Particularly, during the COVID-19 pandemic most respiratory societies have recommended disposable bronchoscopes to decrease transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 to other patients and to the health care providers [8,9,10,11].

Fleetwood Healthcare have partnered with Vathin to bring a range of single-use bronchoscopes to hospitals across Ireland.

H-steriScope single-use bronchoscopes have been designed for respiratory procedures including tissue biopsy, BAL, intubation, and foreign body retrieval.

H-steriScope comes in the largest range of sizes available on the market with 5 standard sizes.  Working channel diameter options range from 1.2mm – 3.2mm and outer diameter range of 2.2mm-6.2mm.

Custom-made sizes also available!

Benefits of the Vathin H-steriScope include:

  • Increased Patient Safety: the sterile, single-use scopes reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients
  • Cost-Effective: no repair, maintenance, or reprocessing costs
  • Improved efficiency: no downtime for decontamination and repair gives 24/7 availability
  • Wider Tip Angulation: Up and down angulation of 210º provides a greater range than alternatives and supports smoother insertion into bronchi & improved access to targets within the tracheal-bronchial tree
  • Left-Right Rotation: the insertion tube can be rotated left or right up to 90º, providing additional operational control and improved access to difficult to reach lower lobes
  • Suction: suction functionality allows for airways to be kept clear during bronchoscopy procedures
  • Passive Bending: when met with resistance from mucosa the insertion tube bends automatically to adjust to the contours of the bronchial tree, potentially reducing patient discomfort
  • Portability: The new integrated and portable processor and monitor can easily be moved from one location to another – perfect for ICU and Emergency Departments
  • Image Capture: Camera Recording and still image capture available on both the handle and processor – 7 hours recording time

For technical specifications please download the product brochure here.

For information on the portable monitor click here

If you wish to evaluate the single use bronchoscopes or require further information please contact our customer service department who will be happy to assist you.

E-mail: sales@fleetwoodhealthcare.com
ROI: 01 201 4620
NI: 028 9099 5160

About Vathin:

Vathin is an innovative Chinese based company founded in 2019 that specialises in the design and manufacture of single-use endoscopes. 

Vathin currently bring a range of FDA & CE approved single-use bronchoscopes to the market with plans for a range of gastroenterology and ENT scopes in the pipeline.

For more information about Vaithin visit: https://www.vathin.com/


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